Phone Charger Safety Alert

Keeping your home safe

According to the Canadian Paediatric Society, electrical outlets are usually right at a baby’s eye-level and anything from dangling wires to empty sockets can be appealing to a curious child.

And often, babies tend to chew on these objects or play with them with wet fingers.

“You wouldn’t leave acid on a table for a child, it’s the same for electricity,” Jeschke says.

The society has come up with the following tips for keeping your children safe from electric shocks or burns:

  • Put safety covers on all electrical outlets that are not in use.
  • Ensure unused safety plugs are out of baby’s reach.
  • Use only electrical cords provided by the manufacturer of the appliance or fixture, and keep out of reach.
  • Use extension cords that are the single-receptacle type. Cover empty outlets with safety plugs.
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